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Why We Switched

News joemitchell Comments05 Sep, 2018

Hi Everybody! Katie here, this is my first blog post and I want to apoligize in advance for my poor writing skills. And with that lets go on to the big news!


We Have Switched To SSI


We Have dropped PADI and we would like to explain why we are so much happier with SSI! First the education systems is lightyears ahead of what PADI is and it gives a lot more resposibility to the student to remeber the information. We also believe this systems gives more trust and independence to the intructors to do whats best for the students, this is in no way cutting corners but instead creating an enviornment for our students to best excell. We will still be able to provide PADI courses as well as NAUI courses. All of these are certified by the Regulatory Scuba Training Council, or RSTC for short, this council is what sets the minimum training standards for all training agengies that are recognized world wide. The video that I included above has a lot of the same feeling we have with switching to SSI. But just because we teach SSI all of our PADI customers are still able to dive with us and take continuing education with us and have the same quality of instuctor we are known for. One more thing, any training agency wether it is SSI, NAUI, or PADI, is going to offer great material for their students what makes the difference is the instructor teaching the course. We strive to make scuba fun and safe for everyone and we will strive for that no matter the training agancy.

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